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Tuesday 31 May 2016
Based on the criteria announced by the Ministry of Health, participated in the program for laboratories performing additional tests are required for these groups are. It runs on two occasions and in different laboratories was Khvahz can be registered separately.
Details of applicant laboratories can program the time and cost of each program in your chosen application After depositing money into an account under the plan Bank draft along with the completed registration form Until the specified date, sending states.
Training related to Quality Assurance in 1390 as in previous years A person held Or the educational materials provided to participants in external quality assessment program will be.

Pishgam Iranian Company1387 by experts in quality assurance programs And partnerships aimed at improving the health status and medical laboratories was established to provide services.
The technical support of experts in various courses such as international scientific centers and Mtbrdakhly INSTAND, CSCQ, WHO, BSI and ... Applications in various fields of quality assurance in medical laboratories ...

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